Keep you vehicle looking great between details with these quality Sonax products!

Kit Includes:


Sonax Dashboard Cleaner - 500 ml

SONAX Dashboard Cleaner is the universal cleaner and protectant for the inside of your vehicle. The easy spray-on emulsion formula gently and effectively cleans textured and soft matte finishes such as the dashboard and other synthetic interiors. SONAX Dashboard Cleaner leaves a low-glare, anti-static finish that complements any vehicle. Regular use of SONAX Dashboard Cleaner helps maintain and nourish all soft plastic interiors for a conditioned interior and long-lasting, like-new look. Once applied, the anti-static properties actually repel dust and dirt particles, providing a just-cleaned finish for weeks.


Sonax Dashboard & Plastic Sponge

Works great for cleaning or applying plastic vinyl or leather care products to interior vehicle surfaces. Has pouch for fingers to make this applicator very easy to use. This ergonomic feature allows you to reach difficult to access places.

Sonax Clear Glass - 500 ml

SONAX Glass Cleaner eradicates exhaust film, nicotine film, insects, and dirt from windshields and windows. This phosphate-free formula leaves a streak-free shine for optimum visibility. Use SONAX Glass Cleaner on household glass, too. Spray onto windscreens and mirrors with the pump sprayer, allow to work in briefly, then wipe off with paper towels or Car Care Cloth. Keep your windshield clean and clear by regularly cleaning it with SONAX Glass Cleaner.


Sonax Glass & Interior Towel

This ultra fine microfiber cloth leaves no streaks, smears or fluff. Can be used on glass & interior surfaces. Sixe: 40cm X 40cm (15.75" X 15.75")

Sonax Interior Maintenance Kit