These products are used after your car wash. After thorough rinsing of the vehicle the product is misted over the surface, then the car is re-rinsed and dried.  Durability is approx. 3 months. Often also used to maintain the gloss on previously coated vehicles

Applied very similar to a spray on wax, ceramic sprays are easy to apply & have a durability of 6 months to 1 year

Like ceramic spray-on products, ceramic waxes are very easy for even a novice to apply and will last 6 months to a maximum of 1 year.

DIY 2 year ceramic coatings

DIY 5 year ceramic coatings

Top Coats are applied on top of your 2 or 5 year coating. They increase the contact angle of the coating which enhances the water beading & gloss. Most top coats last approx. 1 year.

Using a maintenance spray approx. every 6 months will prolong your coating's life.  A 2 year coating's life will be extended to appx. 3 years if properly maintained. These sprays can also be used as a stand-alone product with a life span of approx. 6 months

Standard ceramic coatings can affect the look of your matte finish paint or wrap. Matte coatings give you the protection of a ceramic coating while maintaining the matte finish look

Although conventional car wash soaps can be used on ceramic coated cars, ceramic soaps are specially formulated for ceramic coated vehicles. Many contain the same Si02 particles as your coating which enhances the gloss every time you wash

Although not necessary, ceramic polishes can be a benefit in that they contain Si02 particles.  If you are polishing your vehicle before coating, an Si02 polish preps the paint for a ceramic. They should only be used as final stage and if the car is badly scratched a conventional paint correction must still be done

Ceramic rim coatings resist high heat (unlike waxes), resist brake dust build-up & make your rims easier to clean. Most wheel coatings last 1 year.

Ceramic glass coatings are a great rain repellant and are much more durable than similar products. Durability is 6 months up to 2 years depending on the brand

Ceramic trim coatings restore faded trim and are the best protection available to resist UV damage and fading. Durabilty varies from 6 months to 1+ years