• Coating Preperation

    Your paint should be in as good a condition as you can get it before applying a coating. If needed decontaminate & clay your paint (see PAINT MAINTENANCE ). Even if your paint is in great shape you should use a panel wipe product to ensure there are no oils, wax residue etc. on your paint. This will ensure that your coating properly binds to the surface.

  • Graphene

    Check out out our full range of paint & lass graphene based coatings, spays & detailers here.

  • 2+ Years Paint Coatings

    2+ year durability ceramic coatings are designed for enthusiasts.These coatings have the same appearance and hydrophobic properties as professionally installed coatings but last 2-3 years as opposed to the usually 5+ years lifespan of professional grade products.

  • Ceramic Top Coats

    Top Coats are applied on top of your 2 year coating. They increase the contact angle of the coating which enhances the water beading & gloss. Most top coats last approx. 1 year.

  • Ceramic Detail Sprays

    Similar to conventional detail sprays, ceramic detailers are designed as a maintenance product to quickly remove dust, fingerprints etc. The difference is that they contain Si02 particles that provide a very high gloss finish. These detailers can be used on both coated and uncoated vehicles.

  • Maintenance Sprays

    Applying a maintenance product every 6 months to your coating will extend the life from 2 to 3 years. In addition to acting as a sacrificial layer on top of your coating maintenance sprays also refresh your coating, restoring any lost slickness. These sprays can also be used as a stand-alone product with a life span of approximately 6 months.

  • Apply Dry Sprays & Waxes

    Applied very similar to a spray on wax, ceramic sprays are easy to apply & have a durability of 6 months to 1 year. Many of these type products can also be applied on a wet vehicle as well but most manufacturers recommend applying an initial base coat onto dry paint first.

  • Apply Wet Sprays

    These products are used after your car wash. After thorough rinsing of the vehicle the product is misted over the surface, then the car is re-rinsed and dried.  Durability is approx. 3 months when used as a stand alone product.. These products are also often used to maintain the gloss on previously coated vehicles.

  • Ceramic Wash Soaps

    Although conventional car wash soaps can be used on  coated cars, ceramic soaps are specially formulated for ceramic coated vehicles. These soaps contain the same Si02 particles as your coating which enhances the gloss every time you wash. Ceramic wash soaps can also be used on non-coated cars if you want a really high gloss finish to your car wash.

  • Wheel Coatings

    Ceramic rim coatings resist high heat (unlike waxes), help prevent brake dust build-up & make your rims easier to clean. Most wheel coatings last 1 year.

  • Glass Coatings

    Ceramic glass coatings are a great rain repellant and are much more durable than non-ceramic based products. Depending on the brand, lifespan is usually 6 months up to 2 years.

  • Trim & Tire Coatings

    Ceramic trim coatings protect your exterior trim from harmful UV rays that cause fading. Many also restore the colour. Ceramic based products have a much longer durability than standard trim or tire dressings.

  • Ceramic Polishes

    Although not required, ceramic polishes can be a benefit   if you are polishing your vehicle prior to coating. Ceramic polishes contain Si02 particles that lay a base & preps the paint for coating. They should only be used as final polishing stage and if the car is badly scratched a conventional paint correction is still required.

  • Matte Paint & Wrap

    Standard ceramic coatings can affect the look of your matte finish paint or wrap. Matte coatings give you the protection of a ceramic coating while maintaining the matte finish look

  • Leather Coatings

    Unlike leather conditioners that keep your leather supple, leather coatings are designed to protect your leather surfaces. A leather coating protects your leather from spills, jean dye transfer etc. 

  • Fabric Coatings

    In addition to protecting your vehicle from stains caused by spills, fabric coatings also protect your fabrics from fading caused by UV ray damage


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