SONAX Fallout Cleaner is a concentrated paint decontamination spray that removes stubborn iron deposits, industrial fallout and lime deposits, leaving your paint smooth and glossy. SONAX Fallout Cleaner takes just minutes to apply and rinse off, making it a product everyone has time to use! 

SONAX Fallout Cleaner replaces the need for multi-step paint decontamination systems because it removes iron deposits and heavy road film in a single step! SONAX Fallout Cleaner is another product from SONAX of Germany that simply works 100% as intended. There are no frills or outrageous claims – just a quality product that cleanses your paint of gloss-hindering iron deposits. SONAX Fallout Cleaner changes color as it dissolves iron particles. 


SONAX Fallout Cleaner creates less work for your detailing clay, speeding up the time it takes to remove stubborn above-surface contaminants. Your detailing clay will have a smoother surface to glide over, making it more effective at removing paint overspray, tar, bugs, and road film. Use SONAX Fallout Cleaner once and you will wonder how you ever detailed without it!


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Sonax Fallout Cleaner

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    1. Spray on contaminated areas
    2. Allow product to dwell for 2-3 minutes
    3. Rinse thoroughly