Tornador Sudsy Exterior is a concentrated formula designed to put out the ultimate suds and foam for your car washing needs! Tornador Sudsy Exterior makes washing your vehicle a breeze as it produces an abundance of foam with a rich, long-lasting lather. Tornador Sudsy Exterior creates high-lubricity that aids in rinsing and drying time. Your vehicle will feel slick with shine with the Tornador Sudsy Exterior as it will encapsulate grit and dirt and safely remove it from your vehicle's surface.

Tornador Sudsy Exterior is the perfect accessory to any Tornador Foaming Gun. This simple concentrate-solution can be poured directly into a 32 oz. Tornador Jar, filled with water, and be ready to go in minutes! You won't have to worry about getting the exact ration as the Tornador Sudsy Exterior comes in a 2 oz. bottle ready to go!

Washing your vehicle has never been easier with the Tornador Sudsy Exterior concentrated foam wash. The thick, foaming lather will pull grit and dirt away from the surface of the vehicle without trailing or leaving marring and scratches along the way. The high-lubricity formula of the Tornador Sudsy Exterior makes rinsing simple and effective without leaving behind soap-film or contaminants. You won't be disappointed with the Tornador Sudsy Exterior's performance and ready-to-go concentrated formula!

Tornador Sudsy - Gal

SKU: TO-016