If you strive for a mirror finish, you’ll love Mothers Clay Bar Paint Saving System – now with 2 clay bars!

Mothers has upgraded their popular Clay Bar Paint Saving System to include 2 clay bars and a soft microfiber towel! Use Mothers detailing clay to remove impurities that washing leaves behind. With double the clay, you can clean 6 regular size cars with one Mothers California Gold Clay Bar Paint Saving System!


Mothers California Gold Clay Bar Paint Saving System contains:


2 - 80 g. Mothers Clay Bars Each synthetic clay bar is a moldable compound that grabs tiny contaminants as you drag it across the paint surface. It is nonabrasive, contains no chemicals, and will not alter the paint in any way. Even though it sounds tough, and it is, Mothers Clay Bar is completely paint-friendly. You can use it with confidence no matter what your level of detailing experience.


16 oz. Mothers Showtime Instant Detailer Used as a slick clay lubricant, Mothers Showtime Instant Detailer provides a thin, slippery barrier between the clay and the paint to prevent scratching. Though the clay itself poses no risk to your paint, the contaminants that have become caught in the clay could scratch the paint without proper lubrication. You can also use Showtime to give clean up any clay residue and as a quick detailer.


15 x 15 inch Mothers Microfiber Towel Mothers microfiber towel is a strong but soft blend of polyester and polyamide. Use the towel for wiping the paint clean after using Mothers clay bar and Showtime Instant Detailer.

Mothers California Gold Clay Bar Kit