The Griot's Garage BOSS™ 2" Orbital Conversion Kit allows your 3" Random Orbital to take advantage of our new family of 2-inch pads. Smaller 2" pads provide better access to thin A-pillars, grilles, intricate body panels, produce more pad rotation so they remove defects faster, and won't bog down under load. Backing plate fits via 5/16"-24 threaded shaft.


The kit includes:


  • 2-inch backing plate


One of each of the following 2" BOSS™ pads:


  • Microfiber Fast Cutting
  • Microfiber Fast Finishing
  • Fast Correcting Foam
  • Correcting Foam
  • Perfecting Foam
  • Finishing Foam.

Griot's Garage BOSS 2" Conversion Kit