SONAX CutMax is a highly abrasive cutting compound for polishing sanded or severely weathered paint surfaces. This odorless, silicone-free compound has a long buffing cycle, resists dusting, and wipes off easier than any compound has the right to. 

SONAX CutMax Cutting Compound is strong enough to remove 1,000 grit sanding marks on fresh paint, yet advanced enough to finish with a gloss level of 3 on a scale of 1-6. SONAX CutMax Cutting Compound can be applied with a rotary or dual action polisher.


If you have the need for an aggressive compound to restore the dull, weathered paint on your vehicle, SONAX CutMax is the answer! You’ll be happy with the fact that SONAX CutMax doesn’t contain any aggressive solvents that are commonly found in other compounds of this nature. SONAX CutMax has virtually no odor at all! 

After you remove all the imperfections in the paint, follow with EX 04-06 to create a mirror finish. 

Sonax Cutmax 6|4