SONAX EX 04-06 is the latest formulation of a medium cut, high gloss finishing hologram-free results. 

Engineered specifically for use with dual-action or random orbital polishers, (Such as the FLEX 3401, all GRIOT'S GARAGE & RUPES brand polishers) the abrasives break down very consistently to produce the highest depth of gloss. 

This product has enough "cutting" power for a novice to repair moderate paint defects yet will finish with a very high gloss that any professional polisher will be proud of! 

SONAX EX 04-06 is water-based and contains no solvents, silicones or petroleum. No dust is produced during polishing which makes for easy clean up and prolongs the life of the polishing pads.

SONAX EX 04-06 is VOC compliant and body shop safe. SONAX EX 04-06 is silicone-free and it does not contain any waxes. SONAX EX 04-06 can be used on all paint systems including scratch-resistant clear coats.

Sonax 04-06