This chemical-free Drying Towel from P21S, a leader in German car care, leaves surface areas moisture-free within seconds. This towel is the perfect accompaniment to any hand detailing arsenal.

Drying the surface of a vehicle should be done with precision and a careful eye; therefore it is only fitting to use a drying towel from P21S, a company that reflects German perfectionism with each product they design for the car care industry. P21S is known for many of their outstanding products, including wheel cleaners, car wax, and various detailing supplies including the P21S Drying Towel. This towel is an absorbent, durable, yet pliable towel that will remove moisture in no time without leaving streaks or lint on the car surface. Many enthusiasts, the world over, choose the P21S Drying Towel, and here are the key reasons why:

Durability. The 100% biodegradable materials that go into the construction of this towel provide optimum strength for every detailing job. Hand washing is a meticulous process; therefore the drying process should be effective. The P21S Drying Towel will not lose its shape like some drying materials, nor will it stiffen like chamois and lower quality drying towels. This towel will last due to its strength and durability.

Lint-Free Drying. Many drying towels absorb moisture, but leave a layer of lint in place of wetness. This is the sign of a towel that wasn’t constructed from quality material. The only thing the P21S Drying Towel leaves behind is a smooth, dry surface.

Mildew Proof. Because P21S does not use CFC’s or formaldehydes in the manufacture of the P21S Drying Towel, the result is a mildew-free drying towel that is safe for every finish and surface area.

Compact. P21S Drying Towel easily folds into a compact size, and can be stored in the handy and protective plastic pouch.

German quality and precision goes into every P21S product, and the Drying Towel is no exception. In minutes, surface moisture is sealed within the drying material, leaving a beautiful, streak-free finish. This detailing tool will last for a very long time! Keep this towel in the glove box to keep your car’s finish spot free during surprise showers. In addition to exterior surface areas, this Drying Towel will quickly and easily dry glass, mirrors, chrome, plastics, dashboards, leather and vinyl.

Plastic storage pouch included.

Dimensions: 16” x 14”.

P21s Drying Towel

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