Meguiar’s One Step Marine Compound uses Meguiar’s own proprietary abrasive technology that offers incredibly aggressive cutting action at the beginning of the buffing cycle and fine polishing action at the end of the buffing cycle. Aggressive cutting action at the beginning of the cycle removes the majority of serious defects. Fine polishing action at the end of the buffing cycle leaves a surface that’s clean, smooth and glossy; perfect for sealing with a coat of your favorite marine wax or sealant. 

Restores gloss, shine and color
As fiberglass gel-coats age and oxidize they become dull and lifeless as they loose their color, gloss and shine. Meguiar’s One Step Marine Compound is a super fast aggressive cutting compound that quickly removes layers of dead, dull oxidation and restores the richness of color with a smooth, high gloss finish.


  • Heavy oxidation
  • Hard water spots
  • Scratches
  • Waterline scum stains
  • Faded, dull lifeless gel-coat
  • Fuel stains
  • Exhaust stains

Reduces steps with less work and better results
Meguiar’s One Step Marine Compound makes restoring neglected boats and other marine craft faster and easier than ever. In Marine environments, boats and all types of watercraft oxidize easily and quickly. In the past, restoring a neglected boat hull would require multiple products and multiple steps including the application of a wax to re-seal the surface to help prevent future deterioration. With Meguiar’s One Step Marine Compound, you can do all the heavy cutting and the final polishing in a single step. This means less work and fewer steps with better results.

Use by hand or machine
Meguiar’s One Step Marine Compound quickly removes oxidation, water spots and scratches from gel-coat finishes. Meguiar’s aggressive marine abrasive technology is formulated to be safe when used by machine or by hand making M67 the most versatile aggressive marine compound available. Meguiar’s One Step Marine Compound can be used by,

  • Hand
  • Rotary buffer
  • Dual action buffer

Hand Application
You can’t always reach every inch of your boat with a machine so Meguiar’s One Step Marine Compound can also be used by hand. When applied by hand, Meguiar’s One Step Marine Compound is perfect for getting into tight corners, around edges or inside intricate spaces. This is perfect for when you don’t have access to electrical or air power.

Many compounds that are super aggressive leave the surface looking scratched and scoured which defeats the purpose of trying to restore the finish. Meguiar’s marine abrasive technology provides you with a pro-grade compound for the toughest jobs while avoiding antiquated, coarse, sharp abrasives that simply scour the surface leaving millions of scratches behind.

Meguiar's (M6732) One Step Marine Compound - 32 oz

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