Microfiber pads are designed to address deep scratches, severe swirl marks, or any blemish that requires serious surface correction. Our 5/8-inch thick, low-profile BOSS™ buffing pads have been designed for unrivaled energy transfer and defect removal. Their low center of gravity and feathery weight improves tool stability and pad control for a superior user experience. The plush nap used in BOSS™ microfiber pads reduces matting and maintains a dynamic cutting action while the euro-foam interface improves conformability over vehicle contours. All BOSS pads feature a center intercooling hole designed to resist heat buildup on the pad face and eliminate pad dishing and other pad surface damage. You get total command over the tool, full control of how the creams work, and eye-popping results when you wipe the surface clean. Maintain frequently with our Pad Conditioning Brush or Air Pulse Blow Gun. Deep clean by hand or machine with Microfiber and Foam Pad Cleaner for long working life.

Griot's Garage Microfiber Pads