If you have a dirty vehicle to clean, laying down a ton of cleaner and water is essential to protecting the surface from harmful dirt and grime that may scratch the finish. Now you can direct an all-out assault on dirt. Fill the large, 32-ounce reservoir with most of our cleaners, add water, and start washing. A built-in pistol grip nozzle features a quick release attachment and connects to any garden hose. When you're done scrubbing, pop off the reservoir and rinse clean with the nozzle. Perfect for cleaning any vehicle with our Car Wash, wheels with our Wheel Cleaner, engines with Engine Cleaner, and tires with Rubber Cleaner. The foamer regulates the application of cleaning solution. Great for big projects like motor homes, trucks, trailers, the siding on your home,

Griot's Garage (51140) Foaming Sprayer

SKU: GR-023