303 Fabric Guard protects all new or cleaned “outdoor” fabrics from water, dirt, grease and sun damage. Outdoor fabrics include canvas convertible tops, cloth automobile seats and carpets, biminis, and boating enclosures. This exceptional protectant is also useful protective product for fine leathers, silk, footwear, and sporting apparel. 

Fabric Guard is safe for the finest fabrics, wool, silk, and fine leathers and even suede. On outdoor fabrics, Fabric Guard restores lost water repellency and stain repellency to factory new levels. Fabric Guard resists soiling, impedes mildew formation and helps protect against the sun's harmful UV rays. 


  • Strengthens and restores water repellency
  • Greatly increases stain resistance
  • Prevents mold and mildew
  • Maintains colorfastness
  • Safe for synthetic and natural fibers

303 Fabric Guard

SKU: 303-306