An aggressive wheel and rim brush that will get down and dirty! This multi-use wheel brush has a 2.5" diameter and 6" long brush head. The stiff red nylon bristles remove even the toughest brake dust. The black nylon bristles are slightly softer. It also features a textured grip handle that has no metal surfaces. This brush also makes a great wheel well and fender well brush. The stiff bristles really clean!



  • Stiff red nylon bristles, with slightly softer black nylon bristles for heavy cleaning
  • 2.5" Diameter brush head
  • 6" long brush head
  • Textured grip handle with no metal parts.
  • Made in U.S.A.

Wheel Woolies 16" Wheel Brush

  • When working with this brush, you will not need to apply much pressure. Since the bristles on this brush are stiff, you will want to let the brush do the work. Apply your favorite wheel cleaner and then gently rub the brush back and forth on the wheel surface, allowing the bristles to do the work. Not recommended for delicate wheel finishes.