Get the best paint-pampering results from your favorite quick detailer with Mothers Ultra Soft Quick Detail Towel! With a super soft, deep pile and satin edge, this towel is pure luxury.

The fluffy microfiber found in this towel is baby soft and extra gentle on your vehicle. When used to buff on a quick detailer, the microfiber fingers massage the paint surface to bring out a silky shine


The deep pile allows dust and dirt to migrate away from the paint surface. Since microfiber has a magnetic charge, dust particles stick to the fibers, rather than being pushed across the paint surface. Remove dust, smudges and light contamination in between washes.

Mothers Microfiber Ultra Soft Quick Detail Towel has satin edges to further protect your vehicle from accidental scratches and swirls. This towel absolutely glides over waxed paint.


Size: 20" X 24"

Mothers Quick Detail Towel