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Do you want to take car drying to the next level?  Try the Air Force® Master Blaster® Revolution™ with 30 foot hose.  How would you like to be able to hang your Master Blaster® Revolution™ by the overhead door of your garage and just walk around your car with a 30 foot hose?  You’ll get the same power of the Master Blaster® Revolution™ with the convenience of a super long and durable hose.  It’s one of our best-selling car dryers!


The Air Force® Master Blaster® Car Dryer uses warm, dry, filtered air that provides a safe drying experience without the chance of scratching expensive paint and chrome finishes.  The touch less drying process won’t cause scratches, streaks and spots left by towels and chamois, and can be used to dry all parts of your vehicle including its engine, panel gaps and other hard-to-reach locations. The front-end swivel wheels allow for added mobility.  And when you’re done drying your car, the Master Blaster® Revolution™ will easily hang on the wall of your garage with the mounting bracket.  The hose hanger is makes storing the hose a cinch, too.


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Metro Vac MB-3CDSWB-30 Air Force® Master Blaster® Revolution™ with 30 foot hose

    • The Revolution™ maintains the unparalleled performance of the Air Force® Blaster Family.
    • 30' long flexible commercial strength hose
    • With the mobility of the front end swivel wheels, you can now move around your vehicle effortlessly.
    • Dry the entire car in minutes without leaving micro scratches or water spots.
    • Save space in your garage with the convenient Wall Mount Bracket and Hose hanger.
    • The Revolution™ uses warm, dry filtered air to safely blast water off expensive finishes and out of hard to reach places where no towel or chamois could ever reach.
    • Perfect for getting water out of side-view mirrors, door jams, body seams, grills, lights, etc.
    • The Master Blaster® Revolution™ features two twin fan, 4.0 Peak Horse Power Motors capable of delivering up to 58,000 feet per minute of clean, warm, dry, filtered air.
    • Each motor is controlled by a separate switch that allows you to select from three different air flow and temperature levels up to 60° above ambient.
    • The Master Blaster® Revolution™ is Deliberately Made Better in the USA®!
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