Coat your car with the glossiest and hardest coating available on the open market!


Now easy to wipe off even in hot humid climates!

The next evolution of ceramic coating technology is here!  CQuartz UK is world renowned for being the strongest ceramic coating on the open market!  Rivaling many "pro grade" products, CQuartz UK has been embraced by fans all across the world however CarPro is never one to wait for others to catch up so they set out to improve CQuartz UK even further!  The new and improved CQuartz UK 3.0 now features easy use in all climates!  


In our REAL WORLD tests we have found CQuartz to outlast the competition in side by side, apples to apples torture tests.  One of the many reasons we continue to offer CQuartz as our ceramic coating brand of choice is their commitment to innovation and the simple but critically important fact that CarPro continues to tell us and you the truth and base their claims on reality.  

CQuartz UK 3.0 offers incredible resistance to chemicals, salt, and environmental damage as well as provide excellent UV protection!   The high silica-quartz content creates a hard glassy layer across painted or gel-coat surfaces.  CQuartz UK adds incredible levels of depth to the paint along with unbelievable water and dirt repellency and a rugged durability measured in years!    


Kit Includes:

  • (1) 30ml bottle of CQuartz UK 3.0 (Use 15ml+/- per coat - average size car)
  • (1) 100ml bottle of CarPro Reload Silica Spray
  • (1) 16" Microfiber Suede Towel
  • (1) CarPro Foam Applicator Block
  • (4) 4" MF Suede applicators
  • (1) Rear View Mirror Hanger (Optional)


  • Now easy to use in a wide range of temps!
  • Protection and gloss superior to that of competitor "professional coatings" but easy to use for all detailers
  • Extremely high Sio2 Quartz content
  • Deep gloss that lasts!
  • Easy maintenance with "self cleaning" properties (Stays cleaner than other products on the market)
  • Resistance to wash induced marring, bird dropping damage, stains, high or low temperatures, and traffic film
  • Repels UV rays, water, oils, dirt, and contaminants 

Cquartz UK 3.0 with Reload Kit- (30 & 50 ml

SKU: CP-036
Bottle Size
  • Use only in good ambient lighting



    • Do not apply in direct sun or on hot surface
    • Do not re-use 4" Suede applicators
    • Do not re-use the towels you used to buff off with on paint
    • Wear hand protection
    • Wear respiratory protection such as painters mask



    • Wrap a 4" mf Suede around the grey side of applicator block.
    • Shake CQuartz UK.
    • Slowly open bottle and drag one or two lines of product down the applicator. 
    • Spread across paint in a criss cross pattern approximately 2 sq ft at a time depending on conditions.
    • Buff off as soon as it flashes (within 2-5 minutes depending - see tips above) using a CarPro No Lint Ultra Towel 16" x 16".  
    • Be sure to remove all excess residue and only then do you move to the next section.
    • Switch out the 4" Suedes every 2+/- panels.
    • Additional coats may be applied with 45-60 minutes or wait until the following day if you are beyond 60 minutes.  CarPro recommends 2 coats. Max Layer - 3 coats.
    • Apply Reload after final coat within 30- 60 mins. Wait until next day for Reload if you miss the 30-60 minute window or at least a minimum of 12 hrs.


    • Keep surface dry for at least one hour after application (For best results keep dry 24 hours)
    • Gently wipe any water off the surface during the first 24 hours after application
    • Avoid detergents and chemicals for 5 days after application
    • If it is dry and the air is clean outside then you may park the vehicle in direct sun after application to speed the curing.