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Understanding Gyeon Coatings

Updated: May 26, 2019

Gyeon manufactures a number of Si02 (Silicon Dioxide) Ceramic Coatings. It can be quite confusing selecting the right product(s) for your needs. This article hopefully will clear up some of the confusion.

GYEON Q2 CanCoat

CanCoat is the easiest to apply SiO2 coating available. The formula is ready to use and application is as easy—simply spray on and wipe off. In about 20 minutes, you’ll have coated your entire car so you can sit back and enjoy the water beading! GYEON Q2 CanCoat is durable enough to protect against UV rays, harsh chemicals, bird droppings, road salt, and other environmental contaminants, and it increase shine and gloss too! Durabilty is approx. 6 months and depending on the size of your vehicle you should get multiple applications from a single can (Can contents is 200 ml & average consumption is 50 ml per application)

NOTE: Cancoat can also be used as a topcoat for other Gyeon Coatings

Gyeon Q² One

Listed as an "enthusiasts coating", One brings the benefits of all forms of protection together. This fast-curing formula requires no special equipment.

A high water contact angle of over 110⁰ results in spectacular water beading and helps with regular maintenance. Although rated for approx. 1 year durabilty, it's reasonable price makes Gyeon Q² One a great selection for those who desire a ceramic coating that gives you the glossy look and water beading of much more expensive options.

Gyeon Q² Pure

Gyeon Q² Pure brings the appearance of the paintwork to a new level, delivering a very dramatic pure candy gloss. Designed as a thick single layer coating which makes the application process quick and user-friendly. It has a very high 80% by volume concentration of SiO2 which gives the intense gloss, very nice water behavior, and performs exceptionally well against water spotting.

Gyeon Q² Moh's

One of the main benefits of Gyeon Q² Moh's is it's protective properties. It's 9H hardness provides a great barrier against the elements. As opposed to the majority of coatings present on the market, Q² Mohs demonstrates the lowest shrinking parameters. Whereas most coatings shrink from 0.2 up to 0.03 microns, the shrinking of Q² Mohs does not exceed the level of 5%, while its thickness – 0.2 microns as registered just after application, drops to 0.19 when fully dried. Moh's requires at least 2 layers but is a smooth install with easy removal.

Gyeon Q² Syncro

Syncro is definitely the top dog coating in the Gyeon line up. What you are getting out of Gyeon Q² Syncro that you aren't out of Moh's is the SKIN top coat. SKIN is a true additional layer that increases the contact angle to 120 degrees giving you an extremely slick surface that reduces friction during washing and lets water and contaminant just absolutely dump off of the surface. It is a 2 part system the involves 3 total layers of coatings (2 coats of Moh's + 1 coat of Skin)

Gyeon Q² Cure

Cure is included with the Gyeon coating kits (except Cancoat). Ceramic coatings have a tendency to cause water spots for the first couple of weeks after application and applying Cure immediately after installing your coating will eliminate this issue. Gyeon Q² Cure can also be used (wet or dry) as a standalone sealant (lasting several months) or as a maintenance product/detail spray for any brand of coating.

Gyeon Q² Booster

If you love extreme beading, Q² Booster is the best product on the market to achieve it. It generates extreme hydrophobicity, when paired with high-quality quartz coatings, reaching a contact angle of up to 120⁰. Q² Booster is not a stand-alone coating, but a top coat and needs to be applied shortly after the installation of a high-quality base coating.