Car Wash Soaps

Pre-wash soaps are normally used with a foam cannon & are designed to remove heavy dirt build-up prior to hand washing. Because much of the dirt is removed before even touching the paint this step helps to eliminate paint swirls/scratches 

Note: Most all car wash soaps will work well in foam cannons. These soaps are just those specifically formulated for foam cannons

All our brands of soap are formulated to not strip any existing waxes or sealants from your paint. "Wash & Wax" soaps leave a layer of wax on the paint as you wash. The wax gives you an added shine but is not as durable as applying a traditional wax or sealant.

Although conventional car wash soaps can be used on ceramic coated cars, ceramic soaps are specially formulated for ceramic coated vehicles. Many contain the same Si02 particles as your coating which enhances the gloss every time you wash

These types of soaps are great for winter washing & for locations such as condominiums where access to water is limited. There are 2 versions:

1) Rinseless

Rinseless soaps only require one bucket of water with which you wash yopur vehicle. You then go straight to drying.

2) Waterless

Waterless soaps require no water at all. You simply spray on the solution then wipe off.

Car Wash Tools

Hand held car wash tools come in mitts, sponges, pads & gloves. Selection is just a matter of personal preference. Below are the material types these items are available in. 

Wash mops or truck brushes are normally used on larger vehicles where reaching the top of the vehicle can be difficult

Chenille Microfiber

Chenille type microfiber have "worm" like looking microfiber strands. The main advantage with this style is they are super absorbent so hold a lot of your car wash mixture 

Standard Microfiber

Standard type microfiber wash tools are a good all-around choice. Although not as absorbent as chenille they still hold a lot of suds and are not as heavy as chenille when wet 

A Grit Guard is a very inexpensive device that helps prevent car wash scratches. The guard sits in the bottom of your wash bucket trapping dirt at the bottom of the bucket so it is not transferred back onto the paint as you wash.

"String" Microfiber

The long microfiber strands are designed to release more dirt when dunked in your rinse bucket which helps prevent transferring dirt particles back onto the paint


Wool mitts have many of the best properties of the other styles. They are super soft, absorbent and release dirt easily. The downsides are that they tend to be a bit expensive and a bit harder to clean than other types

Soap foamers or cannons are designed to cover your car in a layer of thick foam ready for washing with your mitt. There are different types:

1.) Garden Hose

These type simply attach to your existing garden hose. They are an inexpensive solution but because you are only using household water pressure to mix the solution they do not produce as thick a foam as the other types.

2) Pressure Washer 

Using the high water pressure to mix & disperse your soap/water mixture produces a nice thick foam. Note: In order to use these types of cannons your pressure washer must have the type of wand that has a quick connect fitting at the end of the wand like shown below:

Wash brushes are normally used to clean areas of the car that are difficult to get at (fender wells) or clean thoroughly (grills, emblems) with just your mitt

3) Air Compressor

Injecting air into the mixture produces "shaving cream" type foam that clings very well to the vehicles surface

Car Drying

A water blades will remove approx. 80% of the water from the vehicle prior to towel drying which will speed up the drying process. High quality  blades are made of medical grade silicon & will not scratch your paint.

Drying towels come in a variety of sizes & material. The size & thickness of towel you need will vary based on the size of the vehicle and whether or not you blade the car first (If you are not using a water blade you may want to select a larger, thicker towel that will absorb the most water)

Air dryers come in a variety of sizes & horsepower. Smaller dryers work great at dissipating water from hard to dry areas such as mirrors, grills, emblems, rims etc.) Larger dryers are fully capable of complete "touchless" car drying. One of the key features to an automotive air dryer is that air is filtered which prevents blowing dirt against the paint surface (causing scratches). For this reason is not a good idea to use a leaf blower to dry your car.