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Types of Tire Dressings

Updated: May 19, 2019

Tire Dressings (or"Tire Shine") not only make your tires look great they help protect against tire browning as well. There are numerous products available and which one is right for you depends on the look (satin finish, high gloss, wet look etc) you want to achieve, the durability you want and your preferred application method (wipe on, spray on, etc).

Which Tire Dressing is Right for You?

There are three types of tire dressing on the market – water based, silicon based, and Sio2 based. While all will help to protect your tires from the sun’s harmful UV radiation when applied properly, the similarities stop their.

The benefits of water-based tire dressing:

  • Water-based tire dressing is environmentally friendly and non-toxic.While you’re applying it, you don’t have to worry nearly as much about getting it on yourself and your clothes as non-water-based dressings.

  • Water-based dressing does not harm the environment. Water-based dressing also won’t harm the paint job if some gets sprayed on the body of the car.

  • Water-based tire dressing is non-stick, so it’s easy to clean off any overspray, and dirt won’t stick to your tire sidewalls.

  • Water-based dressing is also great for jobs that need several layers, as it will layer smoothly.

Benefits of solvent-based tire dressing include:

  • Greater resistance to water

  • Longer-lasting than water-based tire dressing

  • Offer more shine than water-based tire dressing

  • Provide more of a wet look than water based dressings

Si02 Tire Dressings

The newest type of tire dressings on the market are Si02 based.

  • Very effective at repelling water and will stand up to 5 or more car washes without wearing away

  • Provide an enameled look , with profoundly vivid colors. The effect even lasts after deterioration of the hydrophobic effect on the tire.

  • Penetrates into the rubber structure ensures that is keeps its effects visible for a long time

Finally, in terms of application, the best method (spray, foam, gel, etc.) is really up to you. Pick the one that sounds easiest to use, and remember that some aerosol products can be flammable, so avoid open flames when using.

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