SoftTopp Fabric Jeep Top Cleaner & Protectant Kit provides everything you need to get your fabric Jeep top cleaned and protected! With the combination of two products, SoftTopp Fabric & Vinyl Jeep Top Cleaner to remove dirt, mud, and staining, and the SoftTopp Fabric Jeep Protectant to protect against future assaults, the SoftTopp Fabric Jeep Top Cleaner & Protectant, “keeps your Jeep top as tough as you are!”

  • Safely Cleans and Protects Fabric Jeep Tops, Upholstery & Accessories
  • Low pH Balanced, Non-Bleach, Anti-Oxidant Cleaning Formula Leaves No Sticky Residue
  • UV blocking Absorbers from CIBA Tinuvin© Offers Maximum Protection
  • Will Not Harm Paint, Metal, Plastic or Rubber Surfaces
  • Protects Fabric Jeep Tops Against UV Fading, Restores Water & Stain Repellency
  • Endorsed by HAARTZ, The Original Manufacturer of Jeep Topping Material Since 1970



SOFTTOPP™ Jeep Fabric Top Cleaner & Protectant Kit:

  • SOFTTOPP™ Jeep Fabric & Vinyl Top Cleaner NET Weight 16 Ounces (475 ML)
  • SOFTTOPP™ Jeep Fabric Top Protectant NET Weight 14 Ounces (397 G)
  • Handy Storage & Carrying Case


Wolfstein's Softtopp Jeep Fabric Cleaner & Protection Kit

SKU: RT-010
    • Clean as directed with SOFTTOPP™ Jeep Fabric & Vinyl Top Cleaner and allow to thoroughly dry.
    • Shake well and often as product must always be well mixed.
    • Spray using gentle sweeping motions 18 to 24 inches from fabric top or upholstry.
    • Allow top to dry 10 to 15 minutes between coats. The sun will speed up the drying allowing you to apply additional applications.
    • Once dry to the touch apply an additional coat. (Two or three coats are recommended on first application.)
    • Allow 24 hours for the micro-bonding process to set for maximum protection.
    • IMMEDIATELY wipe over spray from glass and Jeep finish with a PLUSH microfiber towel.
    • Reapply several times per year as needed maximum UV protection and to maintain stain and water repellency.

    Store and use above 40° F.