Sonax Polymer Net Shield is a cutting-edge aerosol-based spray sealant that takes minutes to apply and lasts up to six months! Sonax Polymer Net Shield is formulated using advanced German technology to provide a level of paint protection that used to be exclusive to liquid paint sealants. Takes just minutes to apply and your paint will explode with color and depth like you’ve never seen before! 

Sonax Polymer Net Shield is formulated using an organic and inorganic network of hybrid polymers. This new generation of polymers produces crisp, clear reflections while protecting paintwork from UV rays, acid rain, bird droppings, airborne contaminants and even road salt. The surface tension created causes water to bead up and roll off. Your vehicle will stay cleaner in between washes because nothing will stick! 

Sonax Polymer Net Shield is packaged in an aerosol can for two reasons: 

  • As soon as the contents are exposed to oxygen, the hybrid polymers immediately begin to cross-link and harden.
  • Ease of application! Thanks to its aerosol packaging, Sonax Polymer Net Shield takes just minutes to apply. Simply spray Sonax Polymer Net Shield directly onto the surface or onto a foam applicator spread evenly and buff off to reveal a reflective, glass-like shine.
  • Product lifespan will vary based on climate, whether vehicle is parked indoors or out etc., but Net Shield is rated for 6 months protection between applications. 


75ML Size contains enough product for 1 average size vehicle. 

340ML Size will do 4-5 average sized vehicles


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Sonax Polymer NetShield

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