Great car wash & dry kit from German brand Sonax! 


Kit Incudes 1 of each of the following:


Sonax Car Wash Soap - 1L (Upgrade option to 5L size available)

  • Safe for all paint finishes and will not strip away the wax already applied.
  • The non-alkaline, non-acidic formula gently removes dirt, grime, and oil without diminishing the existing paint protection.
  • The special anionic surfactants simultaneously adhere and distribute dirt particles and act as emulsifiers absorbing and dissolving oil droplets.
  • Lubricating oils protect paint and glass from abrasion as dirt rolls off in the rinse water.


Sonax Car Wash Sponge

  • Extra large muti-purpose sponge for the thorough vehicle washing.
  • The long chenille fibres are very absorbent, hold lots of water and really foam up the shampoo.
  • The smooth side facilitates the removal of stubborn dirt, such as insect deposits.


Sonax Flexi-Blade

The high-quality, flexible blade adapts itself to fit all surface shapes, ensuring quick and easy use everywhere. The extremely low friction guarantees maximum surface protection. Ideal for use after the car has been washed, or to improve visibility due to wet or misted windows.

Sonax Drying Towel

SONAX Microfiber Drying Cloth is the ideal accessory for time saving, easy vehicle drying

  • Gentle on paintwork
  • Rounded off corners and mitt-stitched edges
  • Extremely dense and long fiber-ed ...with a net weight of 600g/m²) can absorb 10 times its own weight in water.

Sonax Car Wash Kit

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