Tire Dressing Applicator Sponge

Durable foam applicator quickly spreads tire dressings to prevent drips. Leaves a smooth even gloss. Convenient “storage tub” doubles as a handle on one side to help keep hands clean and prevent the applicator from getting dirty. Measures: 4.25” x 2.37” x 2.00”


Tire Scrub Brush

This deluxe contour tire brush features a soft, non-slip grip handle to provide comfort. 
Stiff, durable bristles provide excellent scrubbing, and the brushes conform to the shape of the tire.


Lug Nut Cleaning Brush

This special brush is designed with two separate wire loops loaded with flexible bristles. They will reach around any size lug nut to completely clean away dirt and grime caught around the lug nuts' perimeter. Handle features a soft thermal rubber grip to prevent slippage when wet. Make your lug nuts shine!


20" Firm Bristle Wheel Well Brush

Crimped stiff Blue Polypropylene bristles provide extra scrubbing action & are highly resistant to acids, heat, chemicals & solvents.


Tampico Rim Cleaning Brush

Wood handle with natural Tampico bristles set in plastic coated wire that prevents scratching. Excellent for cleaning rims. Also works great as an engine cleaning brush to get in hard to reach areas. 

Brush length - 11". Overall Length - 17"



SM Arnold Tire & Rim Care Kit