The Scholl Concepts "Neo" Spider Pad "Honey" is the latest in a new generation of intelligent polishing pads which combine the advantages of foam with the cooling features of fiber pads! The "Honey" pad was designed as a top quality finishing pad capable of extreme gloss while offering more cut than a traditional finishing pad. The secret to the incredible results provided by the Spider Pad is the ability for spent residue to escape the polishing surface allowing the pad to finish down hologram free on even the most challaneging paint systems! Its calibrated three-dimensional surface results in a higher cut and better endurance of abrasive particles. The foam gives a higher air circulation, creating less heat generation when polishing, allowing the speed of the machine to be increased to reduce polishing time. 


  • Perfect results even on delicate and difficult paint types
  • Specifically designed for superior performance!
  • Better Finishing
  • Higher Cutting Rate
  • Less Heat Generation High Quality
  • Foam Material and Hook & Loop Velcro
  • Made by Scholl Concepts in Germany
  • Suitable for Dual Action or Rotary Polishers


Scholl Concepts Honey Spider Pad - Finishing