When the RUPES development team was working on their newest addition to the RUPES polisher line-up, the RUPES BigFoot LK 900E Mille Gear Driven Polisher, they knew that in order to make their offering the best, they had to ensure that every aspect of the system was well thought out. They knew a gear driven machine has a higher torque output and generated more heat than a standard dual action polisher and the corresponding accessories would need to maximize the machine’s performance. Enter the RUPES Mille Foam Pads!

The RUPES Mille Foam Pads, designed specifically for gear driven polishers are available in three different grades of foam – essentially, a cutting, polishing, and finishing pad. Each are designed to maximize the transmission of the gear driven RUPES LK 900E Mille Polisher’s mechanical movement to the work surface. The shortened height of the RUPES Mille Foam Pads improvise user experience by reducing the overall distance from the operator to the work surface.

This design also works to improve stability and control during all phases of polishing. RUPES Mille Foam Pads aids in reducing pad distortion commonly caused by gear driven tools movement and torque output. 

RUPES Fine Yellow Mille Foam Pad - The Fine Yellow Foam Pad was designed to remove light swirl marks, holograms, clay-induced marring, and other light paint imperfections. This pad finishes exceptionally well considering the mechanical polishing ability that it provides.

Rupes Mille Fine Yellow Polishing Foam Pad