The P21S Deluxe Auto Care Set includes everything you need to wash, polish, and wax the paint, and clean the wheels. The deluxe kit has an upgrade over the standard kit to 100% Carnauba wax.

Kit Includes:

  • 1 Bodywork Conditioning Shampoo (16oz)
  • 1 Gloss-Enhancing Paintwork Cleanser (11.8oz)
  • 1 Gel Wheel Cleaner (16oz)
  • 1 100% Carnauba Paste Wax (6.2oz)
  • 1 Wheel Sponge
  • 1 Terry Applicator Pad
  • 1 Sprayer
  • 1 Attache Case

Bodywork Conditioning Shampoo: This gentle shampoo washes away road grime without removing protective wax. P21S® Bodywork Conditioning Shampoo contains wheat germ, a super food that is rich in Vitamin B Complex and Vitamin E. This, plus carefully selected sugar-based ingredients provide a nourishing conditioning treatment, as well as a gentle cleansing shampoo, for your car. This gentle formula is just as effective as powerful detergents, but instead of chemicals you are using more natural ingredients that are healthier for your paint finish. 

Gloss-Enhancing Paintwork Cleanser: A companion to the carnauba wax, this is an equally easy-to-use non-abrasive polish. It improves surface gloss by removing old wax, minor spotting and swirl lines before waxing. The formula is gentle enough to warrant a scratch-free surface after use, but powerful enough to remove old wax and prepare your vehicle for fresh wax. 

Gel Wheel Cleaner: P21S Gel Wheel Cleaner is for wheels that tend to soil heavily due to higher braking speeds, softer brake pads or infrequent cleaning. Spray on, allow to stand up to two hours, touch stubborn spots with a sponge and rinse off with a sharp stream of water. The gel composition clings to vertical surfaces to provide maximum cleaning muscle. 

Wheel Sponge: Perfect for cleaning coated wheels, this sponge is completely nonabrasive yet capable of dislodging the worst contaminants when used with P21S® Wheel Cleaner. 

Terry Applicator Pad: Use the terry pad to apply either the Paintwork Cleaner or the Carnauba Wax. The soft pad will distribute an even, thin coat of either product to avoid drips or streaks. If using the pad with the cleanser, use a clean pad for the wax to avoid cross-contamination.

100% Carnauba Paste Wax: 100% Carnauba Wax is P21S’s first car wax made with only pure carnauba wax. No beeswax or paraffin wax – just true Brazilian carnauba. You’ll see the same deep reflections and shine you’ve come to expect from P21S wax with an even more impressive wet look. Your vehicle will ripple with gloss under a coat of P21S 100% Carnauba Wax! P21S 100% Carnauba Wax of course offers great paint protection. Carnauba provides UV defense, moisture resistance and deters contaminants from sticking to the paint. The wax includes a anti-fatique applicator. 

P21s Deluxe Auto Care Set

SKU: PS-011