The Optimum Spray Gun connects to your air compressor to deliver thin, even coats of tire and exterior trim dressing. This application technique uses a fraction of the product compared to traditional hand application. Optimum Spray Gun has an adjustable stainless steel nozzle to apply tire gel accurately to the tires and wheel wells. The Optimum Spray Gun is equipped with an aluminum suction plunger and a threaded collar which allows for direct attachment to 32 oz product bottles.


Optimum Tire Dressing Spray Gun

SKU: OP-017
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    • Aluminum body
    • Working pressure: 3-4 bar. (max 10 bar), 40-60 psi (max 140 psi)
    • Approximate air consumption: 200-300 L per min
    • Net weight: 14 oz
    • Noise level <80 dba
    • Adjustable nozzle allows for the application of various coats and patterns