This scrub brush makes any carpet cleaner work better by working it into the material where the stain particles hide. Stains don’t stand a chance!

Mothers Interior & Upholstery Brush has tough yet soft nylon bristles that extract spots and stains better than a cleaner alone. The short, dense bristles penetrate fabric and carpet while breaking up stubborn stain particles.

The ergonomic handle is gently curved for maximum comfort while you scrub. Rubber finger pads on either side allow you to maintain a firm grip even if your hands are wet.

The bristles are chemical resistant. Pair Mothers Interior & Upholstery Brush with Mothers Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner. Once you spray the cleaner onto the spot and let it penetrate for a few seconds, scrub the spot with the brush. Then blot the area to remove excess moisture.

Mothers Interior & Upholstery Brush stores neatly on a hook by way of the hanging hole.

In addition to being durable and effective, Mothers Interior & Upholstery Brush looks sharp! It makes an attractive and functional addition to your detailing collection.

Get the best possible results from your favorite carpet cleaner with Mothers Interior & Upholstery Brush.

Mothers Carpet & Upholstery Brush

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