The Detailing experts at Mothers™ Polishes, Waxes, and Cleaners have done it again. Combining technological innovation and detailing know-how to develop superior products is a Mothers™ trademark. That's why it’s no surprise that Mothers California Gold™ Scratch Remover is an unmatched value. This innocent looking bottle is really the sleeping giant of surface scratch removers.

There is no way around it; no matter how well you protect your paint... if you drive your car at all, your gonna experience aggravating little surface scratches. Which is exactly why you need Mothers California Gold™ Scratch Remover. Certain areas of a car’s finish are stressed by use more than others. Around door handles springs to mind...and keyholes, edge of doors, and trunk lids. You get the picture. Minor scratches happen every day and even the most pampered cars can fall victim to an accidental nick. If neglected over time, these tiny surface abrasions can worsen. Mothers California Gold™ Scratch Remover will rectify the problem area. It will polish out the scratch and leave the surface looking factory fresh.

The lotion like formula is easy to use; with a dry soft cloth or towel apply the scratch remover to the effected area, rubbing the scratch out from several angles. Wipe excess away. You will be amazed. Really!!!

Mothers California Gold™ Scratch Remover is designed to remove surface scratches. If you can catch the scratch with your fingernail, it is likely the scratch is too deep to be completely polished away. The appearance of the abrasion will be greatly diminished after polishing, even if it fails to disappear. Professional detailers love the reliability and performance of Mothers California Gold™ Scratch Remover. They trust in the fact that Mothers™ products do what they claim. And so can you.

Mothers California Gold Scratch Remover - 236 ml