Meguiars Unigrit Sanding Blocks are the easiest, most efficient way to remove paint drips, sags, and other blemishes on top of the paint. Uniformly sized abrasives level the imperfection with the surrounding paint, leaving an even pattern of sanding scratches. The light sanding marks are then easily removed with a buffer. Meguiars Sanding Blocks are designed to turn a good paint job into a perfect paint job.

The Unigrit block levels out the paint surface by eliminating high spots, places where excess paint has run or sagged. The tiny abrasives shave off the excess paint to create a perfectly smooth, level paint surface. Meguiars Unigrit Sanding Blocks leave an even pattern of sanding scratches that are easy to remove with a buffer and a compound. Unigrit technology saves you time and saves your vehicle’s paint by minimizing the amount of compounding needed to get a smooth finish.

Meguiars Unigrit Sanding Blocks are superior to sanding discs because you have more control over your results. By hand-sanding the paint, you can be sure you’re not cutting too deep. The goal is to remove blemishes on top of the paint to achieve the smoothest possible finish.

Use Meguiars Unigrit Sanding Blocks on all paint finishes, including clear coat. Because the abrasives are so small, they will not gouge the paint or leave deep scratches. Final polishing is a breeze.

Meguiars Unigrit Sanding Blocks are available in 2000, 1500, and 1000 grit. Start with the least aggressive block that will solve the problem. Then use a less aggressive block until the paint hardly shows any sanding scratches. Avoid gouging the paint with the corners of the block. Keep it level. After the paint is even, use your polisher and a compound to remove the sanding scratches.

Keep the sanding block wet as you work. Meguiars recommends adding Meguiars Mirror Glaze #00 Hi-Tech Washto the sanding water for lubrication. Always dry off the paint to inspect your work.

Use Meguiars Unigrit Sanding Blocks to completely remove blemishes from any paint finish. Eliminate drips, sags, and runs – with NO deep sanding scratches!

Meguiar's Unigrit Sanding Block