This bundle from Meguiar's Includes all the pads you need to remove scratches, polish & then wax!



Meguiar’s full size, Dual Action machine polishing has long been the professional detailer’s secret weapon. For years, it’s remained the fastest, most effective way to compound, polish and wax your car, truck or boat. That’s great if you can justify the outlay on a professional style tool, but Meguiar’s have recognised a growing trend for vehicle owners themselves wanting to achieve a professional level of finish.


Meguiar’s solution is the DA Power System which brings the same DA power to your home garage by turning your drill into a professional grade Dual Action Polisher. By letting your drill do the work, you can now wax your car in just 15 minutes with far better results than hand or orbital polisher applications.– Great for Waxing, Polishing, Compounding and more!


• Attaches to a household drill with RPM ranges of 1200-3500 to provide you pro-like results.
• Dual-action, rotation provides faster and safer results.
• Produces far superior results than mere hand application.



Meguiar's (G3507) DA Power System Compounding Pads - 2 pk

Meguiar's (G3508) DA Power System Polishing Pads - 2 pk

Meguiar's (G3509) DA Power System Waxing Pads - 2 pk


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Meguiar's D/A Power System & Pad Kit