This great car wash detailing kit has everything you need to get your car shining, get the grime off those wheels & leave your tires with a long lasting black, wet look shine!


Check out whats included...


Meguiar's Deep Crystal Car Wash Soap - 64 oz

Meguiar's® Deep Crystal Car Wash contains special sudsing ingredients to safely and effectively remove loose dirt and contaminants without stripping wax protection. Dishwashing detergents strip wax protection and leave paint vulnerable to the elements. Our non-streaking formula will safely brighten your paint and leave a dazzling finish.


Meguiar's Microfiber Car Wash Mitt

Meguiar's® Microfiber Wash Mitt allows for swirl-free washing while lifting and trapping the dirt. The comfort-fit cuff and soft inner lining makes this wash mitt a pleasure to use. This super thick mitt can absorb up to ten times its own weight in wash solution, delivering ultimate finish on all automobile surfaces.


Meguiar's Water Magnet Car Drying Towel

Meguiar's® Water Magnet™ Microfiber Drying Towel reduces drying time with less wring-outs by absorbing up to two times the water of traditional terry towels. Ultra-plush and extra-large 22" x 30" waffle texture wrings out easily leaving a spot-free finish.


Meguiar's Hot Rims Wheel & Tire Cleaner - 710 ml

With Meguiar's® Hot Rims® Wheel & Tire Cleaner you'll actually see the grime lift off your wheels and tires! Our Xtreme Cling™ foam is designed to cling vigorously to vertical surfaces and dissolve anything between your wheels and a brilliant shine! Safe on all clear coated wheels.


Meguiar's Hot Shine Tire Spray - 709 ml

Meguiar's® Hot Shine™ Tire Spray leaves behind a brilliant high gloss shine! With its unique blend of water resistant and premium silicone polymers it keeps your tires looking blacker longer. Also, with its self-spreading ability it prevents streaks for a nice, uniform finish.

Meguiar's Car, Rim & Tire Wash Kit