A 5-gallon bucket with a Grit Guard insert is essential in swirl prevention for any vehicle. This 5-gallon bucket includes a Grit Guard insert, which minimizes the amount of grit transferred back to your vehicle from the wash water. The Grit Guard is a raised grid surface that sits in the bottom of the included 5-gallon bucket. Simply fill the bucket with water and your favorite shampoo, and place the Grit Guard in the bottom. Load your mitt with soapy wash water as usual, and then when you dunk the mitt back in the bucket, drag it across the grid to remove dirt that has accumulated in the nap. The dirt will fall between the slats and settle in the bottom of the bucket. Even though you agitate the top water every time you reload the mitt with soap, the Grit Guard stabilizes the water in the bottom of the bucket so the dirt does not rise.


These buckets have 90 mil thick sides, which means that they will not deform as easily and will be much more durable. The high-density polyethylene construction of the bucket can withstand temperatures of up to 180 degrees F.


Bucket dolly accommodates any 3.5 - 7 gallon round bucket and has 5 heavy-duty casters capable of supporting up to 250 pounds. The dolly makes your wash bucket mobile so you can easily roll it around a vehicle as you wash it.


Gamma Seal turn buckets into reusable containers. Heavy duty, high density polyethylene construction creates a leak-proof airtight seal. Simply tap on the adapter on the adapter ring (includes rubber gasket) and screw inner cover on.


Complete bucket kit with Grit Guard, Dolly, Gamma Seal with Lid and Seat Cushion/Kneeling Pad.


Grit Guard Complete Bucket System

SKU: GG-003