Ultimate Wash Bucket With Casters & Lid

The world's best wash bucket. Lower grille filters out dirt and grit preventing scratching. Full of features to make your washes safer and more fun!

  • Lower grille filters dirt/grit to not contaminate wash mitt, preventing scratches
  • Molded-in measure cup for perfect wash liquid amount, saving over pouring
  • Upper grille for convenient mitt, wash liquid, cleaning tool placement
  • 6 gallon capacity enough for almost any wash job
  • Raised measurement marks (gal/L) to help get right water-to-car-wash ratio
  • The bucket is 19" wide, 9" across and a generous 9" deep.
  • Optional lid and 2" casters for added convenience


Griot's Garage Car Wash - 1 Gallon

Washing your vehicle is perhaps the most important step in car care to get right and Griot's Garage Car Wash is engineered to ensure success. Our super-concentrated formula delivers 2 gallons of high-sudsing lubricity per ounce, safely lifting dirt and grime preventing swirls and scratches. 

Safe for all finishes (including matte paint and wraps). 16 ounce bottle creates 32 gallons of sudsing wash, making it the best bang for your buck of any of our car washes!


Griot's Garage Car Wash Mitt's - set of 2

These microfiber mitts hold more water yet rinses totally clean with a quick shake in your bucket. Hundreds of tightly-twisted, super-soft tendrils are extremely gentle on your paint; while the extra amount of water provides more lubricity across the paint. Plus it's machine washable! 

Two colors of mitts so you can use one for the dirty parts of the car and one for the hood, glass and roof. (Or one for real dirty SUVs, and one for your prized possession.) 

Wash Mitts have an elastic cuff to hold the mitt on your hand. (Notice it doesn't have a thumb area so it rotates in your hand to use both sides.)  Measures 8 1/2" wide by 11" long.


PFM Teryy Weave Drying Towel

The most absorbent towel you'll ever use. 


  • Unique terry weave microfiber produces magnitudes more surface area for absorption
  • Long, looped microfiber terry weave holds as much as 5 lbs of water
  • Double-lined adding even more area to trap water
  • Radiused, satin edges to prevent scratching
  • Measures 25" x 35"


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Griot's Garage Deluxe Car Wash Kit

SKU: GRK-016