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Our Industrial Non-Lifting Floor Paint's superior formula is tougher than the so-called "concrete paint" sold at your local home center. The problem with these lesser paints is they reactivate themselves once a hot tire is rolled over them, causing the paint to stick to the rubber and lift. Industrial Non-Lifting Floor Paint delivers an armor-like finish you can count on for decades, not years. Once mixed you have two to three hours to apply paint. Under most conditions (77° F, average humidity) the paint will be dry to the touch in two hours, ready for the next coat in 12 to 18 hours, lightly cured for foot traffic in 18 to 24 hours, and fully cured and ready for cars, cabinets, and machinery in seven to 10 days. NOT warrantied, since we can't install it for you.


  • Far tougher than so-called "concrete paint"
  • Two coats cover 100 to 175 square feet
  • Three coats cover 67 to 117 square feet
  • Lightly cured for foot traffic in 18 to 24 hours
  • Fully cured and ready for cars, cabinets, etc. in 7 to 10 days



How many gallons do I need?
Garage size* Gallons
450 sq. ft. / 1 car 4
450 - 600 sq. ft. / 2 car 5
600 - 750 sq. ft. / 3 car 6
750 - 900 sq. ft. / 4 car 7
900 - 1050 sq. ft. / 5 car 9

* These are estimates, please measure your floor.


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  • Please allow approx. 2 weeks delivery