If you live in an area where the water is hard, full of minerals, and are tired of seeing your car-washing efforts end up in water spots, then we have a great solution for you. This In-Line Water Softener & Deionizer removes minerals from tap water to end those dreaded spots. Now it's possible to rinse the car and dry it off without the worry of my glass and paint spotting before you can get to it. Simply attach to your hose spigot. The green crystals change to purple, indicating when it's time to replace the filter. A revolutionary way to give your car that final rinse. Measures 13" long, 4 1/4" in diameter. Fittings included.


How long do refills last?

TDS Level (ppm) Expected Yield in Gallons
50 396
100 198
200 99
300 66
400 49
500 40


Read more detailed instructions on using the In-Line Water Softener (Adobe PDF format).

Griot's Garage (37244) In-Line Water Softener & Deionizer (Includes Fittings)

SKU: GR-186