These are the same clear, chemical-resistant bottles we fill with Griot's goodness every day at our manufacturing facility in Indianapolis. If you're like us and buy gallons to save money your transfer bottles can be pretty beat up. Now you can easily replace those front-line soldiers.


Compact Sprayer

You'll love the performance and ergonomics of our Compact Sprayer. Its smaller design lets you easily store bottles on tightly spaced shelves or in your vehicle. They are high-quality and reusable, unlike those cheapo sprayers that spit, spew, and eventually end up in the landfill. The Compact Sprayer features off, spray, and stream positions for the perfect application every time. It produces a super-fine mist that is ideal for spray-and-wipe detailing products like Speed Shine®, Spray-On Car Wash, and Spray-On Wax. We've extended the down tube so you can use every last drop of product without waste. Fits both 22 and 35 ounce bottles.



Griot's Garage Plain Bottle with Compact Sprayer - 22 oz