Our Motion Activated LED Ceiling Light features a motion sensing array surrounded by three adjustable cast aluminum LED light panels. The LEDs emit a natural white color temperature and the unit can be set up for motion activation or it can act like a regular wall switch activated light by turning the motion sensor off. Its advanced microwave motion sensing technology is extremely sensitive to even the smallest motions, so you won't have to jump around flailing your arms to get the light to come on. As far as illumination goes the numbers tell the story. The unit delivers 3,000 lumens of light from 25 watts of power. That's 3.8 times more light than the typical 800-lumen, 60-watt bulb. The light will automatically shut off after two minutes of inactivity.



  • As simple as screwing in a light bulb
  • Can be motion sensor activated or wall switch activated
  • Generates 3,000 lumens of light
  • 5400K (Daylight White) light color rating
  • Adjustable LED light panels focus the light where you need it
  • Auto shut-off feature turns light off after two minutes of inactivity

Griot's Garage (13725) Motion Activated LED Ceiling Light

SKU: GR-405