This backing plate allows you to combine the power of a 6" Random Orbital with the maneuverability of our smallest 3" and 4" pad families. This plate is packed with benefits like molded urethane foam construction and flexible chamfered edges for durability, flexibility, and improved panel contouring as well as a center cooling recess that manages heat, providing extended pad life. Weight matched to the 6" Random Orbital's counterbalance for all day smooth operation.


Note: Fits recent model Griot's Garage 6" Random Orbitals (p/n 10750, 10765, or 10813) that accept a 5/16" - 24 threaded shaft. Is not compatible with the four-screw mounting system on the original Griot's Garage Random Orbital (p/n 10925).

Griot's Garage (10563) 3" Heavy Duty Backing Plate

SKU: GR-176