Our 5" Orbital Conversion Kit enhances the maneuverability of your Random Orbital. It includes a 5" Vented Random Orbital Backing Plate and four pads. The plate's flexible, chamfered edge conforms to body lines giving you better feedback from the paint and more control over the pad. You get two foam correction pads, a foam finishing pad, and a foam waxing pad so you can polish, beautify, and protect better and easier than ever before.


Note: Fits Griot's Garage 6" Random Orbitals (item # 10750, 10765, or 10813), the G9 (item # 10901), and random orbital/dual-action tools that accept a 5/16" - 24 threaded shaft. Is not compatible with the four-screw mounting system on the original Griot's Garage Random Orbital (item # 10925).

Griot's Garage 5" Orbital Conversion Kit