One of the toughest challenges of cleaning your vehicle’s glass is reaching that bottom edge of the windshield where the glass meets the dash. Even if your arms are long enough, you can’t bend them backwards to hold the towel palm up as you clean. It’s impossible! It’s a problem in nearly all vehicles.


The Glass Master Pro is a 14” wand with a triangular cleaning head. The head pivots on the end of the wand in order to clean sloping windshields or vertical mirrors with greater ease. It’s like adding an extra foot onto your arm! The wedge-shaped head fits perfectly into the corners of the windshield or back window so you reach every speck of dust. The Glass Master Pro can reach under tabletops and to the tops of mirrors without any uncomfortable reaching or bending.

The Glass Master Pro is the perfect tool for the sloping back window. It’s impossible to reach the bottom of the glass without contorting your arm. The long handle of the Glass Master Pro allows you to reach every corner without stretching or straining.

For large SUVs, trucks, and RVs, there’s no better way to clean the windows than the Glass Master Pro. The wand even accommodates any standard pole so you can extend your reach even further! Clean tall windows in your home or the windshield on your RV without a step ladder.


The Glass Master Pro comes with two changeable bonnets to gently clean glass and any other smooth surface. All three bonnets fit snugly over the pivoting head. The microfiber bonnet is excellent for cleaning glass to a streak-free shine. The silky fibers will not scratch and they require very little glass cleaner to work effectively. The terry bonnet is ideal for cleaning surfaces that have more build-up on them. For example, toothpaste on your bathroom mirror or oily fingerprints on a sliding glass door might require the gentle polishing power of terry cloth. You can always follow up with the dry microfiber bonnet to remove streaks if necessary. The nylon mesh bonnet is designed to remove sticky or stubborn contaminants by getting under the culprit and dislodging it with the strong nylon fibers. Use it to remove bugs or sap from your windshield or soap scum from your shower!

The Glass Master Pro is the cleaning tool that will change the way you look at glass cleaning. Rather than a dreaded chore, glass cleaning will become an easy and enjoyable part of your detailing experience.


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Glass Master Pro Window Cleaning Kit