Plastic Conditioner helps you extend and protect the life of interior plastic surfaces such as door panels or consoles. Plastic Conditioner protects from harmful UV rays and prevents cracking or fading from occurring on these surfaces. This plastic rejuvenating product is key to a healthy interior and can help your car look good for much longer than its estimated lifespan.


  • Prevents damage to interior plastic from UV rays
  • Helps to protect and extend the life of plastic interior surfaces
  • Safely used on door panels, consoles, steering wheels, and more

Dr. Beasley's Plastic Conditioner - 8 oz

SKU: DR-063
    1. Shake well.

    2. Squeeze a small amount onto a soft applicator.
    3. Massage Plastic Conditioner into the surface with applicator and let sit for several minutes.
    4. If product is fully absorbed in 10-15 minutes, a second coat is recommended.
    5. Wipe excess conditioner with cloth.


    For maximum results, clean the surface with Dr. Beasley’s Interior Cleanser, then prep with pH Neutralizer before using Plastic Conditioner.


    Before applying, test a small amount in an inconspicuous place to check compatibility with surface.