What It Does 

The Nano-Resin Pro Kit gives you the full toolbox for protecting your car with the most advanced ceramic coating Dr. Beasley's has ever produced. Quite possibly the most durable automotive coating on the market today, Nano-Resin Pro ups the coating game with its proprietary formulation designed for flexible durability. What makes that so special, you ask?


Well, as you may know, vehicle body panels are not completely firm - rather, they flex and distort as the vehicle is driven. So if you're using a high-end ceramic coating that touts its diamond-like hardness, its rigidity can cause it to crack and even separate from the paint as your panels warp. This is never the case with Nano-Resin Pro - our proprietary formula is imbued with elastomeric properties that allow it to flex with the panels, ensuring your coating remains fixed to your vehicle's surface for the duration of its life.


Once it has coated your vehicle, Nano-Resin Pro offers an extreme level of superhydrophobicity, with snow, mud, sleet and rain sliding right off - making water spots and etching a thing of the past.  It also imparts incredible self-healing properties, filling in hairline scratches and surface blemishes when exposed to heat. And with microns of measurable thickness added to your clear coat, you'll notice a remarkable clarity and depth of gloss, so much so that people will stop you on the street and ask what exactly you did to your car. 


What The Kit Includes 
(1) 1 oz Nano-Resin Pro
(1) 2 oz Paint Coating Prep
(1) Foam Block Applicator With Suede Cloth
(1) Pipette




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Dr. Beasley's Nano-Resin Pro Kit

C$699.00 Regular Price
C$594.15Sale Price
  • 1. Before applying Nano-Resin Pro, paint must be prepped. Clay and polish your paint with a light compound and a random orbital machine buffer. If your paint is heavily scratched, paintwork correction may be required.
    2. Use Paint Coating Prep after polishing to ready paint for Nano-Resin Pro.
    3. Wrap the suede cloth around the foam block applicator and use the included pipette to put down a line of Nano-Resin Pro down the center of the cloth.
    4. Start by applying Nano in vertical lines down the panel. After you've covered your panel with vertical lines, go back and repeat with horizontal lines. This will ensure full coverage. Avoid getting the product in panel gaps.
    5. When you see the product flashing (it will appear slightly iridescent), wipe the panel with a clean, dry, tagless microfiber towel.
    6. Repeat steps 4-5 on each panel until your entire vehicle is protected. Reapply several drops of Nano on your applicator after a few panels.
    7. After coating your entire vehicle, leave it undisturbed for one hour.

    Additional Information:

    • Do NOT apply Nano-Resin Pro in direct sunlight. Do not allow this product to freeze during storage.

    • If applied in temperatures less than 65-70° the vehicle may need more flash time. In warmer, more arid climates Nano-Resin Pro will need less flash time.

    • Inspect the vehicle in natural light for a better view of high spots.

    • Keep vehicle completely dry between applications and for at least 1 hour after final application. After 1 hour the vehicle can be exposed to light rain without affecting the bonding process.

    • Full cure will take 24-48 hours. After fully cured the surface will be noticeably glossier and the coating will be at full hardness.

    • Leaving the vehicle in the sun or under infrared lamps after application will shorten the amount of time needed for Nano-Resin Pro to bond to the paint surface.

    • Avoid washing the vehicle with soap for 7 days after application. After this follow our prescribed maintenance regimen.

    • Keep bottle closed when not in use.