Wheels get hot. In fact, nothing on your car besides the engine will even come close to generating the amount of heat that your wheels do. This creates a problem when looking for a protective coating for your wheels. Many products out there are wax based, meaning that their melting point is far lower than the temperatures your wheels will reach just driving down the highway. Matte Wheel Seal uses a technologically advanced synthetic formula, guaranteed to outlast any wax or oil based wheel protectant on the market.

Nothing is a bigger pain to clean than brake dust. Between the acidic chemicals needed to remove it and the elbow grease involved, it can be a taxing job for both you and your car. Matte Wheel Seal provides a layer of protection in between your wheels and brake dust, meaning you won’t have to use caustic chemicals to remove brake dust filaments. When your wheels are protected with Matte Wheel Seal, just spray them down and watch the brake dust slide right off. Reapply after rinsing and you’re always covered. 

Not only are embedded contaminants a pain to remove but they can be very damaging to your wheel’s surfaces. Pitting, etching, and clear coat corrosion are all legitimate concerns when it comes to your wheels, especially if they’re unprotected. If you use this wheel coating, your wheels will never be exposed to these elements, and you’ll never have to worry about damage caused by accumulated debris again.


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Dr. Beasley's Matte Wheel Seal - 32 oz

SKU: DR-018
  • 1. Before use, be sure the wheel is clean and dry.
    2. Apply Matte Wheel Seal using a soft cloth.
    3. Let this wheel coating cure by leaving it on the surface for several minutes, then use a soft cloth to hand buff for optimal protection.


    For maximum results, begin by cleaning the wheels with our Matte Wheel Cleanser.


    Before applying, test a small amount in an inconspicuous place to check compatibility with surface.