Why Matte Waterless Wash?

Matte Waterless Wash is an easy-to-use, water-free cleaner for matte finished cars. But what makes that so unique?


Conserve Water

In places like California where water use is restricted, giving your car a hand wash can be a burdensome undertaking. Between run-off regulations and judgmental neighbors, you might be better off putting the hose down and picking up Matte Waterless Wash instead. Because it requires absolutely no water to clean your vehicle, you don’t have worry about making sure your hose is off or getting a wash bay for your driveway. Just spray, wipe, and you’re clean!


Great For Cold Weather

In the depths of a frigid winter, the last thing you’ll want to do is risk hypothermia giving your car a hand wash. Thankfully, you won’t need to drive to a professional hand washer – just pick up a bottle of Matte Waterless Wash! With no water being used, you’ll be able to clean your car without splashing around in sub-zero temperatures.


Perfect For Small Spaces

When you’re an apartment dweller with a car, having the space to do a proper, two bucket hand wash often isn’t feasible. In most cases all the room you have to work with is confined to a tiny garage, a cramped spot in a parking building or a bumper-to-bumper parallel park. In cases like these, Matte Waterless Wash is the way to go. With just a spray bottle and a microfiber towel, you’ll be able to clean you car in even the most compact areas.


Keep Matte Flat

Your average waterless wash is chock full of silicones and glossing agents intended to make your paint shine. Unfortunately, these fillers splotch matte paint, leaving your once flat surface uneven and unappealing. To get a truly water-free clean without altering your paint’s appearance, you’ll need Matte Waterless Wash. It’s specially formulated without fillers to preserve your matte’s muted sheen, ensuring a clean, uniform finish. It also won't remove Matte Paint Coating, making it a great way to maintain your protection.


How Does It Work?

Matte Waterless Wash works by lifting and removing dirt and contaminants from your surface. Its high-lubricity, silicone-free formula allows you to wipe down your vehicle with ease without altering your matte’s appearance.


Dr. Beasley's Matte Waterless Wash - 12 oz

SKU: DR-300
  • 1. Mist lightly on a panel.

    2. Let sit for a minute.

    3. Wipe with clean microfiber towel.

    4. Hand dry with another clean microfiber towel.

    5. Move to next panel and repeat steps 1-4.


    NOTE: Matte Waterless Wash will not remove Matte Paint Coating.