With the same great products as our Matte Paint Prescription but with smaller portions, this kit was designed specifically for motorcycles. The matte fairings, fenders, and tanks on bikes still need caring for, but don't need nearly as much product as a full car might. Buy the Matte Motorcycle Prescription today and treat your bike to the level of care that it deserves.


Kit includes:

1 X 12 oz Matte Body Wash

1 X 2 oz Matte Paint Coating

1 X 4 oz Matte Paint Cleanser 

1 X 4 oz Matte Final Finish.


Dr. Beasley's Matte Motorcycle Prescription

SKU: DR-068
  • Matte Body Wash

    Add 2 capfuls of Matte Body Wash to a bucket with Grit Guard and fill with water. The soap should foam up nicely, providing you with a cushion for washing your matte bike. Start from the top of the car with a clean wash pad and make your way down. Flip and rinse the wash pad frequently to prevent trapped debris from coming into contact with the surface. When complete, rinse surface and dry with a microfiber towel.

    Matte Paint Coating

    Make sure surface is clean and wet before applying Matte Paint Coating. It's recommended to use Matte Paint Cleanser as a prep step before application. Rinse surface before applying. Matte Paint Coating needs to come into contact with water in order to properly bond with the paint surface. Apply a small amount to an applicator and wipe onto paint surface, being sure to maintain even coverage. Remove coating immediately after application, doing a small section of the paint at a time.

    Matte Paint Cleanser

    Wash bike with Matte Body Wash, and dry. Spray Matte Paint Cleanser on surface and immediately wipe dry with a microfiber cloth. Matte Paint Cleanser can remove Matte Paint Coating, so do not apply to protected paint unless you plan on reapplying the protectant.

    Matte Final Finish

    Spray onto desired area and wipe clean with a microfiber towel. Matte Final Finish will not remove Matte Paint Coating, and is perfect for use when paint is already protected.