Dr. Beasley's Ink Remover Kit contains everything you need to permanently remove ink stains from leather surfaces. Our Ink Remover will safely and effectively rid your leather surfaces of stains from ball point pen or fountain pen ink. This powerful ink remover is designed to be compatible with all types of leather surfaces including car interiors, home furniture, hand bags, shoes, and more. Safely remove stains from pigmented or top coated leather, semi-aniline, bicast, two tone, mottled, or antique finished leather surfaces. This kit also works great on vinyl and faux leather.

Not for use on suede, analine, or pull-up style leathers.

Dr. Beasley's Ink Remover Kit Includes:
1 X Ink Remover - 15 ml
1 X Finishing Cream - 4 ml
10 X Application Swabs
1 X Microfiber Towel


Dr. Beasley's Ink Removal Kit

SKU: DR-047
  • 1. Dip the application swab into the bottle of ink remover.
    2. Gently rub the stain with the saturated swab. Do not rub hard.
    3. Once you see the ink being loosened, take the microfiber towel and gently dab the area to absorb the loosened ink.
    4. With a new swab, repeat this process until the stain is completely removed. Do NOT reuse the same swab.
    5. Once the stain is removed, go over the area with the provided Finishing Cream to reintroduce nutrients to the surface and maintain and even finish.
    6. Dab a corner of the cloth into the Finishing Cream jar and spread evenly over the affected area. 

    Additional Info:
    As with most kinds of staining, ink stains become more difficult to remove the longer they sit on the surface.
    For best results with Dr. Beasley's Ink Remover Kit, use it as soon as possible after the initial damage has occurred.