What Does This Product Do?
Dr. Beasley's Headlight Coating Kit contains everything you need to safely, effectively, and permanently protect your headlights and other polycarbonates. This coating system is a resin-based protective coating that's designed to protect headlights against yellowing, fading, and discoloration. And it's permanent! Once you use the kit, you don't need to worry about your headlights.

This coating bonds at a molecular level with the headlight, and it cross-links to blanket the lens with a permanent, protective film. This kit does NOT remove fogginess, fading, or yellowing of headlights. Instead, it prevents those things from occurring. This is a preventative maintenance kit.

Where Can I Use It?
Use Dr. Beasley's Headlight Coating Kit on headlights, taillights, and any other polycarbonate surfaces.

Headlight Info
Headlights and taillights are made up of a durable polycarbonate plastic. While this surface is certainly scratch resistant, there is nothing in the plastic that prevents it from becoming damaged by the sun's rays. UV rays degrade the outer layer of the plastic.

Additionally, the plastic traps moisture and over time, the appearance of your headlight goes from crystal clear and bright to dull, foggy, faded, and yellow. Protecting your headlight before they start to show signs of damage is the best way to keep them clear forever!

Dr. Beasley's Headlight Coating Kit Includes:
1 x Headlight Coating - 1 oz
1 X Headlight Coating Prep - 2 oz
1  X Coating Applicator

Dr. Beasley's Headlight Coating Kit

SKU: DR-078
  • * Always test in an inconspicuous area for compatibility before applying to the entire surface. Always apply in the shade to a cool surface*


    1.Clean surface with general cleaner and then let it dry.
    2.Spray Headlight Coating Prep onto desired area and wipe dry.
    3. Apply 6-8 drops of Headlight Coating onto your applicator and apply in a crosshatch pattern.
    4.Let Headlight Coating sit until it starts to flash. Then wipe the surface dry.


    Only one application is necessary.