What Does This Product Do?
Glass Serum Pro is a permanent nano coating for exterior glass surfaces. This coating bonds molecularly to your glass surface to ensure continued hydrophobicity and clarity. Use it on your windshield for increased visibility while driving through rain storms and other bad weather. Glass Serum Pro is scratch and dirt resistant. It protects glass from etching caused by water spots and it can last up to 10 years. One kit protects one car.

Where Can I Use It?
This permanent glass coating can be used on windshields, rear windshields, side windows, and sun roofs. Glass Serum Pro can also be used on glass shower doors and other glass surfaces in the home, but keep in mind that the application process requires a machine buffer.

Glass Info
Although glass appears smooth and perfect to the human eye, when viewed under a microscope it is actually a very jagged and uneven surface. When water runs down glass, it catches the tiny little nooks and crannies that are present in glass, which can lead to contaminant build up and etching. While automotive glass is generally coated with a protectant against UVs, more protection is advisable to extend the life and beauty of your glass surfaces. That's where Glass Serum Pro comes in.

Dr. Beasley's Glass Serum Pro Kit includes:
1 X 15ml Glass Serum Pro
1 X 2oz Glass Coating Prep
1 X Foam Block Applicator with Suede Cloth


A machine buffer is required for the application of Glass Serum Pro.

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Dr. Beasley's Glass Serum Pro Kit

SKU: DR-0780
  • 1. Tape around the perimeter of the glass. Raise the windshield wipers and clean the glass surface with an ammonia-free glass cleaner.
    2. Spray Glass Coating Prep onto the glass and wipe it off with a glass towel.
    3. Holding the bottle 6 inches from the glass, spray Glass Serum Pro on the glass in an even pattern.
    4. Prime the foam block applicator with 2-3 sprays of GSP and then move the applicator in vertical lines down the glass.
    5. Spray the glass again, and the applicator. Move the applicator in horizontal lines across the glass.
    6. Let the product dry to a haze for 30 minutes - 1 hour. Allow more time in humid conditions.
    7. After hazing, use a new foam finishing pad and a machine buffer to buff the glass.


    *Do not use windshield wipers for at least 2 hours after application.*